Why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa?

Back in 1907, Sir Winston Church Hill made a trip to Uganda where he got impressed with what his eyes saw.  To him, it was a lifetime experience which he recorded in his writings entitled “My African journey” of 1908. In his book, Sir Winston praised what he saw in Uganda and came up with a brand label “The pearl of Africa”. Winston Churchill became astonished about what he found in Uganda like the magnificent mountains, the brilliant life such as the birds, insects, the big beasts and the vast greeneries, the fresh clear water bodies which made him imply that Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

However most of the Europeans came to know about Uganda via Winston’s book, but other western explorers and discovers had visited before each terming Uganda according to what suited the glowing nature of its ecosystem. However much Winston branded Uganda the pearl of Africa, it was before known as the pearl of Africa because of what it offers when it comes to tourism.

  • The culture

Uganda has the best cultural and traditional values offered by the Ugandans to foreigners. Since ancient times till now, different tribes have made it to their best in preserving their cultural values and norms. There is a lot to learn from the people of Uganda, for example, their cultural dressing codes, languages, staple food like Matooke for the Baganda, the nomadic life of the Karamajongs, the male and female circumcision most practiced by the Bagishu in the Mbale region. Cultural sites like the Kasubi royal tombs the burial grounds of the Buganda, and different Hotsprings visited for cultural ceremonies like the Sempaya hot springs. Uganda has over 45 ethnic groups and tourists get the taste of the amazing cultural dances from different dancing troupes such as the Ndere cultural group stationed at the Ndere cultural centre, and all these make Uganda the best cultural safari destination.

Orunyege: Tooro & Bunyoro Cultural Dance

Orunyege: Tooro & Bunyoro Cultural Dance

  • Wildlife

Uganda has a variety of wildlife species which attract attention and encourages more tourists to come to see them. The abundant wildlife is found in different tourist destinations of the top ten national parks and the 12 game reserves inhabiting over 1500 mammal species. Uganda is known for its big five such as the lion, leopard, rhinos, buffalo, elephant which you can be sure of seeing when you make a safari to Uganda. Other animal species include the famous tree-climbing lions in Ishasha the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park, duikers, Ugandan kob, antelopes, leopards, warthogs, giraffes, hyenas, hippopotamus bushbucks, reedbucks, Genets among others.

Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Uganda Wildlife Safaris: Zebras and Buffaloes

  • Biodiversity

Uganda has abundant biodiversity and has much to offer which won’t require you to travel worldwide to see them since they are likely to be found in Uganda. It is gifted with nature has the new introduced label describes it. Explore the stunning snowcapped mountains and other landscapes, the different vast scale vegetation types ranging from different zones, the bird species, insects, reptiles, the aquatic life and primate species not forgetting the fresh clear water bodies like lakes, rivers, streams and much more.

  • Hospitability

This is shown by the people of Uganda who spread love to the tourists flocking to see what the Pearl of Africa offers to Tourists, explorers and discovers. Ugandans are gentle, calm and so friendly to everyone regardless of which country you are coming from. They are warm welcoming to foreigners and are not discriminative or racists. Most Ugandans have learnt Basic languages to ease communication with foreigners. Such languages adopted include English the official language and Kiswahili and other imported languages like German, French to minimize the expenses on hiring expensive foreign translators.

  • Climate

Uganda has conducive climatic condition suitable for most foreigners who make trips. Uganda’s climate is a bit tricky but it favours tourist stay making their trips successful. It has warm tropical convergence zones bringing about winds that cause rainfall. Uganda experiences a warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25celsius and 29 Celsius and wet-dry tropical climate, semi-desert climate hot throughout the year. Uganda experiences two seasons the dry and rainy seasons with hot and cold temperatures best for vacations.Beautiful Uganda

  • Mountain gorillas

Uganda has half of the percentage of mountain gorillas in Sub Sahara Africa. This is the second-best attraction in Uganda after the wildlife. Winston Churchill during her trip in 1907 happened not to see the mountain Gorillas and these missed out in her book of my African Journey. The mountain gorillas are intelligent creatures having over 98.5% human DNA and are said to be Man’s second cousin after the chimpanzees. It’s interesting watching this primate specie has it feeds and make a shelter from the tree branches. Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in the two national parks of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park. However, there are also found in Rwanda at the Volcanoes national park and Democratic Republic of Congo in the Virunga national park.

  • Murchison Falls

This is also known as the devil’s cauldron which offers a stunning view of the Nile River as it squeezes through a narrow gorge of 7m has the speeding water hits hard on the side rocks splashing water vapour droplets to the nearby surrounding, forming a permanent rainbow and a waterfall. Different aquatic life is found at the Murchison falls such as the Hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles and many bird species with animal species sighted at the banks while quenching their thirst. A visit to Murchison falls is worth memorable and offers a lifetime experience.